DJ PLI Insurance in Ireland has been far too expensive for far too long!   We have been providing the best value option for Public Liability Insurance for DJs in the UK for over 7 years, with a rapidly increasing Membership of happy Mobile DJs who now paid the lowest price for their PLI in the world!

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Not only does having Irish DJ PLI allow you to work as a Mobile DJ within venues in Ireland and worldwide, but perhaps more importantly it means that if the worst happens, and you or your equipment cause an accident and damage or injury, your Irish DJ PLI Insurance will cover everything from the legal defence costs of the claim, to any damages awarded (subject to the standard excess as with any insurance of course).

We’ve heard stories from Irish DJs of PLI costing over €600 – CRAZY when you consider that often the Insurance company behind the Policy is the same as ours. We don’t have a big office building or a call centre with massive overheads, so we pass those savings direct to you.  Chat to other Irish DJs about who they have affordable cover with, and there’s a very good chance it’s Mobile DJ Network

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